our story

We are a family who loves to cook and eat. We also love this planet and this village, and we wanted to find a way to support and invest in all of those things. 

Tiff is the dreamer of the family. Vittles is her vision and her fourth baby. She hand picks and tests every item in our shop. She loves connecting with the food and products we stock, and visits all the farms, kitchens, and workshops we source from. She gets excited about everything and can't wait to make you a sandwich.


Jeff is the perfect balance to Tiff's exhuberant nature. He loves numbers and spreadsheets and is awesome at lots of things. He's kind of shy, but he's in charge of our craft beer case and if you ask him about beer he'll open right up and help you find the perfect brew. 


Edan, Clementine, and Brother are our children and can usually be found working right along side us. We are excited for them to see what it looks like to build something you believe in and follow your dreams.