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Vittles Market & Eatery is a family owned, community-focused lunch counter and gourmet, local-centric grocery. We love good food and we love you.


Meet our family

We are a family run business, with big love for Wimberley and good food.


Let us feed you

We make darn good sammies, salads, and smoothies.





We believe in the power of good food and knowing where it came from. We believe in ethical, sustainable farming, shopping small, and the beauty of handmade. We believe in deliciousness. We believe in grass-fed. We believe in connecting over a home cooked meal. We believe in real butter, in laughter, in love. We believe in keeping our money where our hearts are and biting off more than we can chew. We believe in eating well, as often as we can. We believe in sharing what we know, and learning more every day. We believe in keeping it simple and having fun. We believe in community. We believe in real food.


our mission